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No matter where you are in the world, there are certain values and basic human needs that we all share. Food, shelter, water, comradery, and love are some of those things. When we get to know our neighbors on a personal level we begin to care for one another and we can help each other not only survive, but thrive in life!

As a member of Ozarks Neighborly Exchange, you become part of a tight community, part of a tribe of people who care for one another and thrive together. There are many perks to joining O.N.E. and everyone is welcome!

Ozarks Neighborly Exchange perks:

  • Building Local Community: One of our main goals is to see our group localize our needs as much as possible so we can support our neighbors and step away from the destruction of globalization.
  • Monthly Work Parties: Once a month we get together at a member’s home or farm to help them with an activity that they need additional hands for. In the past we have done lawn clean-up, moved a shed, etc. It’s like a modern day barn raising!
  • Workshops and Classes: O.N.E. hosts all sorts of workshops and classes that assist us in becoming more sustainable. There are workshops on beekeeping and building swarm boxes to catch your own hives, how to make bio-char and build stoves, tai chi classes, wild plant identification discussions, and so much more.
  • Voting in O.N.E. decisions: When you become a member, you have a voice in any decision making that takes place. We all have equal say in the functions of our community, so anyone can bring something to the table.
  • Interact in the Online Forum: Everyone has the ability to view our forum, but only members can interact and write posts. This is a great way to keep up with the different initiatives that we have going on and stay in touch with the community between meetings. This also enables you to listen to our past Meeting Minutes.
  • Potlucks: We have several potlucks a year where members share fresh garden bounty and delicious homemade food.
  • Connecting with your Neighbors: Becoming a part of O.N.E. makes it easy for you to connect with your neighbors in the Ozarks. We are family and we stick together through thick and thin!

How to Become a Member:

  • Join us at two O.N.E. meetings, or ask a O.N.E. member to sponsor you. We ask that you show up to two meetings so you can see for yourself what you think of the group and decide if you truly want to get involved. There are a number of people who cannot attend our meetings but want to be a part of the O.N.E. community and contribute to discussions online and stay informed by listening to the monthly meeting minutes. Membership in O.N.E. is all about community. We are a very “open” group and our desire is to be as inclusive as possible while encouraging closer relationships, which is impossible without participation in some fashion. If you have a relationship with an existing O.N.E. member and live in the Ozarks of Missouri, ask them to sponsor you into the community. This will not only help you feel a personal connection to O.N.E. but will also allow existing members to feel like you’re nearby and not a stranger in a distant corner of the world.
  • There are no fees to be a member. Everyone is welcome to join us and help the O.N.E. movement grow and prosper! We do ask for donations at our meetings to help cover costs so if you can afford to pitch in, we are grateful.

Our meetings are held every first Friday of the month at the Theodosia Methodist Church on HWY 160 at 7PM. Join us at our next meeting and become a part of your community!


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