The Value of Commitment

Sunday , 15, March 2015 Leave a comment

Commitment is a value that’s frequently overlooked and taken for granted in our fast paced modern world, but its O.N.E. value that is very important, dare I say it strikes at the very core of what Ozarks Neighborly Exchange is all about – commitment to helping each other and by extension the community we live in.

In contrast to activities elsewhere that are the focal points for major change in the world, the slow pace of life on our community and neighborhoods allow us more time to relate on a deeper, personal level. We become involved in each other’s lives and that naturally leads us to care more about each other. Without some type of bond or commitment to each other we’re just a casual, loose association of people that can’t rely on each other for help and support. Commitment helps to strengthen our bonds our sense of trust that my friends and neighbors have my back when I really need them.

It’s easy to become distracted by the immediate concerns of the day and for us to rationalize why we couldn’t make the meeting or follow through with the things we sign up to help with. Situations arise and emergencies occur that disrupt our best laid plans and commitments, regrettable but that’s life. How we deal with such issues makes all the difference. Can we make a 15 second call to let someone else know you won’t be able to follow through? Did you try to find a replacement for the work you agreed to do? Have you communicated the difficulties you face or asked for help with them? How would you react if someone you were counting on failed to follow through or even tell you they couldn’t?

Membership in O.N.E. is far more than a loose association of people that live near each other. We are people who care and are involved with each other in the true spirit of community. It’s something to think about and not take for granted. Do you value commitment and relationships that do? If so become O.N.E. with us and help Ozarks Neighborly Exchange extend that spirit throughout our community and beyond.

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