Author Topic: Pictures From June 2-5 Biochar Conference w/Doug Brethower  (Read 2080 times)

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Pictures From June 2-5 Biochar Conference w/Doug Brethower
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2014, 11:26:17 PM »
On the first day we spent the morning getting to know one another and watching Doug's presentation. After lunch we went out to the work area and Doug showed us how easy it was to make a simple biochar stove to burn wood pellets. Then he unleashed us to build our own designs out of old tin cans. This is a picture of the workbench with various sized cans we used.

I teamed up with David (below) and we built a stove with 3 layers.

Here are the parts of our little stove on the workbench disassembled:

And here it is assembled under a long stack we added to get it started quicker:

Here is one of Doug's tin can stove designs. The small holes all around the top are for the secondary air:

Here's a pic of the parts that are used for the full sized biochar stove Doug designed. The galvanized tubes are air condition / heating duct pipe. The spiral ridge gives it strength, plus it's thicker material than stove pipe and other things he could have used. You can see the 14" outer tube and the 12" inner tube in the foreground, and the cap or plug under the drill and the others as well:

Below is a picture of one of the completed stoves Doug brought with him without the top on. You can see the outer pipe. the inner pipe and the burn chamber inside of that with the top bent inward. The burn chamber is made of standard 6" stove pipe. The eyebolts (1 seen on front) actually are used to set the spacing between the pipe layers. They also make a convenient way to handle and move a burning stove.

Here is the top view of the stove shown above. You can see some of the insulation between the outer and inner tubes, but none around the burn chamber where secondary air flows:

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