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10-11-19 Minutes
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2019, 08:55:58 AM »
October 11, 2019
   Pearl called the meeting to order at 7:13 p.m.
   Minutes:  Suzanne read the Minutes of the Sept. 13 meeting.  With no corrections or additions, they were approved as read.
   Treasurer's Report:  Balance forward $807.17; income $40 (donation, chipper); expenses $70 (hall rent).  Balance $777.17.  Designated $568.38 (Congress, rent); available $208.79.  With no additions or corrections, it was approved as read.
   Sorghum:  Jon said Kat hasn't called the meeting yet; she told jon she's working on it.  Chuck's out of it; Jay may want to help.  Everyone who contriubted to the purchase of the press has been paid back in sorghum, so who owns the press?  Jon's view is ONE, but this is uncertain.  Jay paid for the pan.
   We've talked about letting others grow sorghum (some have expressed interest) while we press and cook it, but we haven't really got the cooking down yet.  Also, Bill is out of it, and he was our mechanic; it's unlikely we can continue without his, or similar, expertise.
   Too, there's the contract with Elaine, and the issue of finishing the building, with the ucrrent or another design.  Pearl said these issues belong in the Sorghum Consortium meeting.     
   Congress:  Jule noted that Jffrey said he wanted to be in charge about 3 months ago , but he hasn't been to a meeting since (he stepped in at 8 o'clock).  Jon is trying to get a date with the school -- March 28 tentatively;  school will conform next week.   
   Post Office Box:  George recalled that we decided not to pay for box rental; Galen sed he'd get us keys to his.  George picked up the forwarding form and will take it to the post office, but in order for us to use Galen's box, he has to file with the post office too.
        Promotional materials:  With talk of the Congress, we discussed ordering more T-shirts.  George will look into pricing; the printer has the design, so we won't have to pay for setup.  We paid $8 – possibly including shipping. 
    Jule has designed a bumper sticker;  we need to price those also.  Larry noted that Mae has a business that makes promotional magterials.
   Elections:  Due to having scrambled our director situation, we need to elect all of them, as well as Secretary and Treassurer, in December.  Nomninations will be opened in November.
PROGRAM:  Pearl's talk on beavers' part in a watershed has been summarized separately and posted to the Forum under “Monthly Member Talks.”
                                                              Suzanne Meeks, Secretary