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Faucet at community garden
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2014, 09:36:52 PM »
This is a response to a msg. George posted on Bigtent concerning the garden faucet. Actually 2 responses.

The faucet  that is just inside the garden actually works! It fooled me initially when I turned it open and no water flowed. You need to continue turning it. After a number of turns it will actually open the valve and water will flow. As you turn it you will notice it goes from a very loose easy turn to a more firm turn, that is when the valve is actually opening. Any of that make sense? Call me if you still are having trouble with it. My number 816-665-6610


Some more info on the faucets. Yes that is plural. I was working at the community garden today and turned on the faucet that is in the garden and no water. There are 2 other faucets inline with this one. Both are over by the house. There is a satellite dish next to the house and there is a faucet on each side of it. One faucet is on the house the other is to the right of the dish. Both are easy to spot. So if no water comes out when the faucet at the garden is turned on check the other 2.

Couple of comments regarding the garden plots. Managing the weeds in your plot is requested as well as managing the grass that is growing in the walkways around the plots. If removing rocks, please pile them on the edge of the garden area, preferably on the inside edge of the plot, so it does not create a problem when mowing. I did some mowing today and there was some kind of glass jar laying in the walkway area hidden by the tall grass. I did not see it and it was crunched up by the mower. I did my best to clean up all the shards, and Thom did a great job of retrieving pieces I missed. Please, no glass in the garden area. I do like to go barefoot.