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Amber Johnson rural Renaissance Collaboration
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2019, 10:00:11 AM »
Update email from Amber Johnson is copied and pasted below. Please read for info regarding the Rural Renaissance objectives.


I’ll aim to be brief. Topics for group deliberation below.

In the spirit of the RR mission...

Old News:
1. We have now enrolled New Haven, the O.N.E. Group and as previously mentioned, representative from the Sierra club,in the use of the Ozark village community calendar so as to help synch annual calendars.
2. Game plans needed soon for RR booth at O.A.C.C. : **Printed literature,( takes time)  sign up sheets, Map, tables, volunteers, Set-up & breakdown, etc.
3. Would the 1st Tuesday of the month work for "in person" RR mtgs for the fall season?

New news:
1. Request & call for vendors for all here to “Save the Date” for the Mountain Grove Maple Fest October 26, 9am 4pm for a Rural Ren “mini flash mob Ozark nation pop-up festival” / Collaborative booth and (or row of booths.)
Invite more to come out and play in the sand box too!

2. Sharing and moving forward the Conversation for a Co-Operative  "Ozark nation” full page add!
Amelia is getting us cost and deadlines. Short Term goal( Now):  Add before and to promote O.A.C.C. to “Ozark nation network” and beyond.
Long Term & consistent quarterly updates in Ozark Agrarian Newsletter & an Annual Full Page add for 2020 complete with “meme’s of our ethos, Logos & calls to action. As well as our largest current annual events, location and contact info of all who choose to participate. I am making wild assumptions that all on this list are in or at least interested.
So, the page is already pretty full with:
The OZARK Agrarian New and Their Slacker solstice event
O.N.E Group and the ONE Congress
Scum Suckers
Missouri Herbs
Rural Ren and events/ work parties
Meadow Brook
Little Farm Store

3. As mentioned in the O.A.C.C. Resolutions… it is suggested that we develop a consistent and reproducible way to communicate with ourselves as well as out to the greater Ozarks public about our Ecologically responsible products and services as well as updates and on Ozark Nation Goals. Most gratefully, we already have the Ozark Agrarian News! From there we can weave An "Ozark Communications Web” if you will.( The above “Co-op add" would be the “launch”.)

 What is possible to us and what that can look like is An Annual Ozark Nation collaborative marketing, advertising and promotion campaign, with material designed to be used in multiple media mediums.

Distribution and details includes:
*1 full page add in Ozark agrarian news at least quarterly with updates on the Goals of each sphere of ourselves at level of civilization.
*Post on Ozark Village Community calendar. ( edits needed to maximally utilize the allotted calendar categories)
*Full Page submitted into at least 1( For now) Ozark yearly publication.
*Each brick and mortar location can “sponsor" 5,10,15 color copies in your location.
*List of business names sent to at least 2 local radio stations for their P.ublic S.ervices A.nnouncements on the “ Business that support local”. (Major events separate listing)
*”Co-Op Ad" printed into posters & posted in local businesses we have (our will create) relationships with. ( Goal: 2 new "biz friends a year" per business or organization, I digress)
*Email with attachment to RR data base.
* Of course we have learned and integrated Facebook events Posts.
* Automated phone Services
*Perhaps Dez can send it out on her newsletter!?

 I have written a Standard procedure for all of this and other essential tasks and function in the Rural Renaissance SOP’s.

If you would like to get more info about the details including cost( Which should be considerably inexpensive) Please responded to this email.

Possible Future Topic:
   *Collaboration with Sierra club, Mo Dept of Natural Resources & "Ozark Nation” participants for creation of Bryant Creek Trail system beginning in 2020 and how to support the Global acknowledgment & protection of Ozark forest as Carbon sequestering zone.
   * As mentioned in O.A.C.C. resolutions the compiling and creation of "Ozark Green Pages” (Form already made and called Ozark Agrarian Directory. as named by Amelia) Form sent out via Ozark Communications web and events.

Simplifying from the many into O.N.E.!!   Enough out of me.  Go Team!   


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