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Monthly Meeting Minutes from 8-9-19
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2019, 09:57:40 AM »
Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm on 8-9-19

Board Members Present:
Jule Kruger

Also Present:
No recorder available tonight

Meeting minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved without correction after a motion by Jon Kruger, second by Jule Kruger, none opposed.

Treasurers Report:  See attachment, read and approved without correction after a motion by Jule Kruger, second by Pearl Schneider , none opposed.

Old Business

The Sorghum meeting was cancelled due to a family health emergency and needs to be rescheduled to discuss future plans to complete the Sorghum cook shed at the Ledbetter Store. Per Jon, Bill Barnes will brushhog at the Ledbetter Store when he is available to do so. Jon stated that someone unknown had already covered the cooking area with plastic at the site when he arrived to take care of it.

New Business -

Planning for the ONE Congress next spring needs to start soon. Per Jon and Jule , Jeffery Goss will be contacting the school about their schedule. The preferred dates are the last Saturday in March or the 1st Saturday in April of 2020.

Announcements -

Next meeting is on Sept 13, 2019 and it will be a potluck at 6pm

Presenter -

Amber Johnson Rural Renaissance collaboration with O.N.E. Group

See attached info and additional post on this forum, Rural Renaissance wants to collaborate with local like minded groups and create a cooperative calendar of events and meetings. The idea is to use existing local resources to meet goals from the OACC resolutions using advertising and networking. Watch Ozarks Agrarian News, published by Amelia LaMair for more information.

Motion to adjourn meeting  -

at 8:54 pm - A motion was made by Jule Kruger, second by Tracy Meal, none opposed.

Meeting Minutes Recorded by Tracy Meal, 8-9-19
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