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Minutes of the 7-13-19 meeting
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2019, 11:21:37 AM »
Minutes of the July 13, 2019 Meeting

   George called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and read the Mission Statement.
   Minutes were missing; Suzanne was absent in June, and only about half the meeting was recorded on Thom's Mp3 player.  However, it was agreed that the group did vote to change the meeting date to the second Friday of the month.
   Treasurer's Report:  Balance is $784.85.  Income $8 (donation); expense $76.86 (brochures, hall rental); balance $716.17.  Jon moved to approve; Jule seconded; approved without opposition.
   Sorghum:  Jon said we need to mow at Ledbetter's (Johnson grass, volunteer sorghum).  The trusses need to be covered with a tarp.  Jon moved that we buy a suitable tarp for up to $50 from the Sorghum and Songfest fund.  Pearl seconded; approved without opposition.
   Jon hasn't talked to Elaine since last winter; at that time, we told her we could hire someone to finish the building.  Dusty was willing to do it, but he's working full-time and may not be available now.  The contract with Elaine goes through April, 2022; we need to ask her how she feels about the building progress.
     Tom K said the consortium should meet and take a hard look at the work that needs to be done, and decide if we really want to, or can, continue.  For instance, the stack is warped has to be completely rebuilt before any other building is done; and the pan has flaws.  Without the rest of the project in place, a building won't do us any good.  He said we should have a meeting at Ledbetter's to see the many challenging issues.
   Jay noted that consortium members Bill, Chuck, and Roy don't want to do sorghum anymore; he said we should give up and put the pan up for sale.
   George stopped the discussion, saying we can't decide this now; everyone interested should get together and decide.  Jon said they would, before the next meeting.
   Chipper:  Lisa gave George $40 in chipper-use donations, but asked for $10 back for fuel.  The grease zirks were painted over, so she replaced them, but couldn't get grease into some of the new ones.  We have new blades, but haven't installed them yet.  Lisa hasn't replaced the battery, but still intends to.
   Work party:  Jule said their wall-building work parties were successful; there was plenty of help.  They got about 300 logs in (of about 1200).  They're doing 40 at a time by themselves, working about 6 hours every other day.  There were no new work-party requests.
   Magda noted that Patrick needs prayer.  He was hospitalized in April with kidney trouble while there, he had  pneumonia and he's now on dialysis.
   Alex Edwards is trying to build a camp on his property outside Gainesville.  He said there will be a homesteading expo Sept. 6-7 in Neosho. 
      The Methodist church will have a rummage sale Aug. 2-3 right here in the Fellowship Hall.  The men of the church will sell tools and outdoor items in the yard.  Hours are 8-2 Friday, 8-noon Saturday.
   Program:  Jeffrey gave a talk on the history of sorghum cultivation in Ozark and surrounding counties.
   Thom moved to adjourn; Pearl seconded.  Adjourned 9:06.
                                                                                               Suzanne Meeks, Secretary