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Minutes 4-5-19
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2019, 11:06:33 AM »

     Thom called the meeting to order at 7:05.  We introduced ourselves; there were 15 present.
     Minutes:  Suzanne read the Minutes of the 3-8 meeting.  George moved to approve; Chuck seconded; approved without opposition.
     Treasurer's Report:  Balance  $1,002.42 (no change from March).
     Sorghum:  April Wilson said not to take the grant if we're not positive we're going to use it, so Jon turned it down, since sorghum-growing energy has waned.
     Chipper:  Ini's chipping was done; an acre of brush was cleared for a fruit orchard.  Lisa estimates 3 tons were chipped in 4 hours.  Lisa took the chipper to the home of one John Gluff, who had ice-storm damage; she estimates 4 tons were chipped in 6 hours over two days.   
     At Ini's, an elderly gentleman was present who had tremors and didn't seem to understand how life-threatening the chipper can be.  Lisa said he was the only one there who wasn't on constant alert.  Even despite constant close attention, Lisa was injured by something she didn't see that flew out of the chipper.  We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but physical safety has to be paramount.  If anyone is behaving unsafely around the chipper, the only prudent thing to do is to shut it down.  It's so loud that calls for help probably could not be heard; maybe we need an emergency flag or something.
     The chipper wouldn't start after Ini's so Lisa got a new battery.  She paid $113 (list $169).  She also got a tie-down for the battery (under $10).
     Lisa handed over $60, $5/hour (Lisa used it 2 additional hours). 
     Lisa asked about chipping for someone outside the group.  We don't
have enough business for it, and Lisa put "helping the community" on the grant as one of the reasons we wanted the chipper.  Someone from our group has to be there, and safety has to be maintained.  Let's ask $15/hour donation for non-members -- still much less than renting a chipper commercially.
     Work Party:  None now, but Jon wants to reserve a slot in late June.
     Baker Creek:  Jon will go Sunday, though the director hasn't emailed him yet.  Jay has the banner, and will take it; he's going anyway.  Jon will have the flyers re-edited and printed to take along. 
     Meeting dates:  George noted complaints about having the meeting nights  change.  He said the first weekend of the month is popular for other events, and we get bumped.  Maybe we could move to the second or third Friday.  Several said  they would support a change.  George will check the church calendar and report next month. 
     Lisa's potential A2 heifer turned out to be positive for this (a milk protein easier to digest than the more common A1).

     Next meeting:  7 p.m. May 3.  Thom will not facilitate; in the absence of a volunteer, Thom noted that in anarchy, people rise to the occasion, though not always the people you would prefer.

     Thom's talk will be summarized in the appropriate section of the Forum.

                                     Respectfully submitted,  Suzanne Meeks, Secretary