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Minutes 2-8-19
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2019, 09:31:42 PM »
Minutes of the Feb. 8, 2019 Meeting

     George called the meeting to order at 6:14 p.m. and read the Mission Statement.  There were 12 present; we introduced ourselves.
     Minutes:  Suzanne read the Minutes of the Jan. 4 meeting.  Thom moved to approve the Minutes; Tracy seconded; approved without opposition.
     Treasurer's Report:  Jan. 4 balance $914:42; income $40 (donations); no expenses; balance $954.42 -- $568.38 designated, $386.04 available.  Tracy moved to approve the Treasurer's Report; Lisa seconded; approved without opposition.
     Chipper:  It had its third flat -- Lisa will get a tube put in the tire. 
We haven't chipped anything for 2 quarters worth of reports, so we need to get chipping -- why Ian is here.  Lisa gave her number to someone who may need help after the Ava-Seymour ice storm last week.  We have to be carefully of liability; Lisa will write up a waiver.
     Tom K said they had a hard time adjusting it to the desired chip size at Bill's.  Lisa said it seems to be better for bigger jobs; small pieces go right through. 
     Work party:  Ian (who prefers the nickname "Ini") needs lots of wood chipped -- he's converting land to homestead, building a post-and-beam straw-bale house this year.  He's getting trees in March, so needs the chipping within the next month.  Most of the chainsaw work should be done.  March 6, 10-2.  Thom needs his email address to get Ini on the website, then he'll put the date on the Forum; Ini will add directions and needed equipment.
     Jon said Jule (who will come home in April) wants to reserve a work party for June, when her son will be visiting from Colorado.  We'll do some type of construction, or maybe cut cordwood to length.

     Sorghum:  This is our 5th year.  There was a core of 5 this year, but it's unclear how many want to participate next year.  We will do at most 1/2 acre at Ledbetter's.  We're putting in for a grant for beneficial plants that will bring in pollinators and other beneficial insects.  Some of  the plants are dill, buckwheat, and fennel. 
    Jon and Chuck went to the  sorghum producers meeting; an Amish guy from north of Springfield asked if he and his wife could ride along for gas money.
     Thom said it's been a while since Dusty has helped with sugar shack construction.  Thom will help, but hopes Tom K will contribute construction skills.
     Tom K doesn't want to work on the sugar shack.  He thinks small-scale is the way to grow sorghum and likes the idea of putting the mill on a trailer.  We could take it to fairs and promote sorghum as a backyard crop in a 20x50 patch.  Sorghum flour is more nutritious than wheat.
     Jon said we are scaling back, and some want to grow it, bring it to the press, and cook it themselves.
     Thom agreed that if people grew their own and brought it to our press, we could make a big deal of pressing.  But he noted that we have an agreement with Elaine to build the shack and need to work on it.
     Stream team:  Jon and Dusty passed Level II, so they can do chemistry  alone.  They will do Pond Fork, Turkey Creek Hammond Mill, Little North Fork, and Barren Fork.  They will send the information to the Department of Conservation, which generates an annual report.

     Baker Creek Spring Planting Event:  Amber said we might want to participate in the "Ozark Village," which will be under a circus tent. ONE is invited to have or share a table.  Many organizations would like to do one day only.  If we do a demonstration, there's no charge.  They want lots of demonstrations; lectures should be about 20 minutes.  We could sell products.
     The idea is to have representation of all entities, produces, services, lectures, and demonstrations under one tent.  Jamie Jackson wanted to be sure we had heard; she will email Jon with more details.  Besides lectures and demonstrations all day, there will be entertainment.
      She said participating in events could give us a chance to recruit participants and help get the momentum going; that's what Ozark Village is about.
     ONE Phone Number:  Thom got a notice that a number we had on ONE cards wasn't used enough, and will disappear.  Suzanne volunteered the number she uses for ONE communications, 413-712-1575.

     The Small Farm Conference in West Plains is March 19-20.  We could do a booth if someone wanted to spearhead.  Tickets are cheaper if you buy 4-5.
     Lisa watched a DVD about how corporations manipulate our brains to form addictions.  She could do a presentation on it.

     Next meeting:  March 8; potluck at 5 p.m.  Lisa will talk about her animal operation.  George will facilitate.
     Jon moved to adjourn; Tracy seconded; adjourned 7:37.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Suzanne Meeks, Secretary