Author Topic: Announcing the Opening of Ozark Open Cinema Next to the Treasure Gallery  (Read 1697 times)

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Announcing the Opening of Ozark Open Cinema Next to the Treasure Gallery
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2014, 12:57:08 AM »
Hello everyONE,

I have opened a new movie theater in Theodosia next door to the Treasure Gallery.

The theater is named Ozark Open Cinema and showtimes are on Fridays and Saturdays, unless other community activities conflict in which case the theater will be closed. There will be two shows each day; the early show starts at 4PM and the late show begins at 7PM. Early shows are $2 for children 12 and under, $3 for adults. The evening shows are $1 more so children 12 and under get in for $3 and adults are just $4.

I will have fresh popcorn, various soft drinks and bottled water, assorted candy (Junior Mints, Whoppers, Reeses Pieces, Jolly Ranchers, Dots...) and now plush soft padded chairs to sit in to enjoy the movie.

Ozark Open Cinema cannot show copyrighted films or works with protected intellectual property rights to the public. All films shown are in the public domain or in some cases I have obtained permission to exhibit the work from the author. The documents for all such cases are available for inspection on Ozark Open Cinema's website.

If you wish to see a youtube, vimeo or other video on the big screen please let us know. Like us on facebook or give us your suggestions at the OOC website. OOC will grant free admission and a bag of popcorn to anyone whose movie suggestion is selected for use.

At this time I wish to invite all O.N.E. members to attend a special viewing on at 7PM, the date to be announced, of the spectacular documentary movie Thrive, produced by Foster Gamble in 2012. Admission for Thrive will be reduced to only $3 per person.

Judy Johnson and Kathy Mead will soon be offering special, by invitation only dinner theater seating. The next time you're in the Treasure Gallery or the Hungry Bear Sandwich Shop let her know you're interested in the dinner theater and what type of movies you prefer.
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