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Re: Sun oven group rate opportunity GOOD FOR 3 MORE WEEKS
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2017, 11:28:14 PM »
The same group purchase deal is available (minus the turkey thing) for the same price until about March 10.  The purchase has to be made through me, as facilitator for the group buy.  Please let me know if you or someone you know would like to partake.

I've been enjoying using the sun oven, and I'm eager for there to be more sun, later in the day.

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Re: Yay - Our 501(c)(3) app has been approved!
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2017, 02:38:28 PM »
Dear ONEs,
     Got a letter today from the IRS saying our 501(c)(3) app has ben approved and we are officially non-profit -- as of April 13, 2016 -- the date out state app was approved.  Will show it off at the March meeting.  Anyone who needs to see it before that is welcome to call me.
Secretary Suzanne
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Sun oven purchase opportunity
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2017, 10:21:22 AM »
Hi everybody,

I am posting this for Rachel.  Here's the back story...a few weeks ago I sent the organic club a link to a sun oven video from the company Sun Ovens International.  Several really liked the idea of having a sun oven because they didn't want to heat the house in the summer with a regular oven.  We are pretty sure that this is the same oven that Tom talked about in his Peace Corp presentation.

Here's where we are now...Rachel emailed the company and got the group pricing info, and it's a big price break.  I am putting that letter below.  We are looking for anyone interested who would like to get in on this group order.  the kicker is that to get a roasting pan free the order has to be placed by Friday, this Friday.  So if you are interested, please respond quickly.  If you might want the link to watch that video, email me and I will send it to you asap.  (

Thanks, Lisa

On Feb 6, 2017, at 4:23 PM, SUN OVENS International, Inc. <> wrote:

> Hi Rachel,
> Thank you for your interest in getting a group together to purchase SUN OVENS.  All that is required for a group buy purchase is a minimum initial purchase of 8 All American SUN OVENS.
> Price
> The group buy price for each All American SUN OVEN is only $215.
> Accessories
> If you would like to purchase accessories, the Dehydrating & Preparedness Accessory Package** can be purchased with an All American SUN OVEN at a 50% savings for only $49.50.
> Shipping
> The All American SUN OVENS can be drop shipped to individual homes for $32.85 per oven within the Contiguous U.S.  Or if 16 or more ovens are shipped to one address the shipping will be reduced to $20 per oven.
> Ordering & Payment
> *One person needs to be the Group Buy Coordinator.
> *The Group Buy Coordinator will be responsible to organize the order and collect the payments.
> *Orders can be placed via email to and need to include the complete shipping address (street addresses only, no PO Boxes) and phone number for each order.
> *Each All American SUN OVEN in the order doesn't need to be identical; some ovens can be ordered with the accessory package and some can be without.
> **Dehydrating & Preparedness Accessory Package includes:
> 1 Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set (set of 3 racks w/1 roll parchment paper)
> 2 Easy Stack Pots w/interchangeable enamel & glass lids
> 1 Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)
> 2 Loaf Pans
> Since some of the people in your group saw our special that ended last Tuesday we are willing to add the Hanging Turkey Roasting Rack at NO COST for all of your orders that are place by Friday February 10, 2017.
> Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
> Thank you,
> Jessica
> SUN OVENS International, Inc.
> 800-408-7919