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Minutes 9-13-19
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2019, 11:54:35 AM »
Minutes 9-13-19

   After the quarterly potlukck, we muddled to order at 6:50 p.m.  (there was no recording).
   Minutes:  Suzanne read the August Minutes (taken by Tracy).  With no additions or correctins, Thom moved to approve; Jay seconded; approved without opposition.
   Treasurer's Report:  No change from August balance, of $807.17.  We had no income or outgo but $70 is earmarked for quarterly hall rental.  This gives us designated funds of $618.18, and available cash to $188.79
With no additions or correctins, Jule moved to approve; Magca seconded; approved without opposition.
   Sorghum (Jon):  Bill and Chuck brush-hogged Ledbetter's it took two passes and it should be raked.  We also need to weed around the platform work party?  It was weedwhacked but saplings are grwoing near the old foundation.
        Roy and Chuck and Jon met and agreed they want to finish the building, but didn't set a date.  The chimney needs to be extended this year, we hope.
       Madga asked if sorghum is going to be grown and cooked there, and if Elaine really wants it finished.
   Jon said no one has talked to Elaine lately. And he's had trobule getting everyone to meet. 
   Bill had a small heart attack and a couple of stents while in the hospital with kidney stones, and no longer wants to play.  It's unclear whether we can keep the mill working without his mechanical expertise.
   However, there's interest outside our group  Ken Bochert wants to work with us, and the Rural Renaissance group in Mountain Grove wants to  grow sorghum.
     George noted that Elaine has said the the foundation was so expensive that she couuldn't afford the roof after all.  Our agreement with her ends in 2022.  Tbom noted that we've made no progress this year; it's time to get going on it or give it up.
    Magda said it seems meetings have deteriorated until nothing gets done; maybe a printed agenda would help.  Lisa suggested a moderator from outside the group.  Kat offered Amber and Amelia, but after discussion, agreed to do it herself.  This will require records on how much has been spent   on equipment (Jay has some records) and the agreement with Elaine (Jon has a copy).  Kat will also contatct the Rural Renaissance folks and see how they might fit in.
   Chipper:  Lisa used it 2.5 hours and got a whole truckload; she has  more tornado wood that needs to be chipped (but we'lwait for cooler weather).  She didn't get a new battery just jumps it, then leaves it on while driving to where it needs to be.

     Lisa now has milk a cow calved and is doing well, so there's some available it's $5/gallon.  Bring a jar.  The cow is a Jersey/Angus, on grass, no grain.  The milk is raw but not the A2A2. 
   Galen invites contriubtions to his weekly Douglas County Herald column; in fact, he wants eventually to go to India and turn it over to someone else.  He suggests contributions should link human, ecological, and social health, or address the need for an economic reformation that will recover our lost food system and all that could come with it.
        Adjourned 9:06 (after Kat Logan Smith's talk see Members Monthly Talks for a summary).

                                                                               Respectfully submitted, Suzanne Meeks, Secretary