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Re: Community Outreach Committee
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2015, 10:42:02 AM »
This sounds like a wonderful project! I would love to be a part of reaching out and helping our ONE project grow. I know I haven't been around or attended meetings in several months for varying reasons, but that is going to change. It makes me happy to see things growing and I miss you all!


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Community Outreach Committee
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2015, 05:34:21 AM »
On Tues June 30th several members met at the Hungry Bear for 1st Organizational meeting of a new committee formed to address community outreach.
In attendance were: Chuck Blanchard, Jon Kruger, George Craig, Reba, Pearl Schneider, Jim Farmer, Patrick Quinn, Jim Wills, Galen Chadwick.
It was agreed that the committee would meet monthly on the Thursday of the week preceding the ONE monthly meeting, which is to say 8 days prior. Meetings will be held at the Hungry Bear at 3:30.
Projects are to be non-urgent and inline with mission of the committee. Initially, the committee, if approved by the general membership, will take on 1 project each quarter.
Chuck Blanchard to be liaison with ONE Group and will present general outline at the July 3rd meeting for a vote, and also ask for additional volunteers.
Jim Farmer to draft form for Assistance Intake (see enclosed form)
The committee is and will always be a work in process and open to change as needed.
I think I speak for all attendees, when I state that the net result of the meeting was that we all came away with a sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm for new beginnings.
An old adage: "The giver many times receives more of a gift than the recipient" feels ever true here.

                                   O.N.E GROUP      COMMUNITY OUTREACH

                                         REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE FORM

Individual or Group needing Assistance

Name _________________________________________________   DATE _________
Phone__________ Cell ___________
Address ________________________________________________
Best Time to Call:        Morning___ Afternoon ___ Evening ___
He/she is a O.N.E. GROUP  Member  YES ____ NO ____

Referred by O.N.E.  Member ______________________________ Phone ___________

Assistance Needed: (Be as specific as possible)   Time Frame ____________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

To be presented to Committee at next meeting on _______________

Committee Comments: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Vote Result:  Approved ___ Declined ___

Project Leader ____________________

Project Volunteers ______________, _______________, _____________, ___________ ___________, ______________, ______________, _____________, _______________

Projected Start Date _________________Estimated Funds Required $___________

Equipment Required: _______________________________________________________________________

For the Committee  X _____________________________         Date _______________

Completion Date _______ Open Issues _______________________ Resolved _______
Recipient Signature  X ________________________