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O.N.E. Logo Graphics
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2015, 03:23:15 PM »
I thought it might be good to provide several logo graphic files so members can use them where ever they need. All but one of these are high resolution images and all but the first 2 have a white background. Here are their characteristics:

1) 1 inch, 600 DPI, 600x600 pixels, suitable for business cards, letterheads etc
2) 3 inches, 600 DPI, 1800x1800 pixels, smaller size,white background
3) 4 inches, 72 DPI, 300x300 pixels, for use online (websites, email signatures, facebook etc)

4) 7 inches, 600 DPI, 4275x4275 pixels, (transparent background) logo suitable for T-Shirt printing

The first 3 files are attached below. If you can't see them then you're not logged in. The large file is just a link because it is so gigantic it screws up the forum. Just right click on the link and select "save as" or "Copy link location" to download it to your computer.

Alternatively, I copied the above logo images plus a few more to a location accessible to the public, and which may be used without download via a link reference. The following may prove easier to use online by including one of these links:'s several more logo files, which now include the name and moto as featured at the top of the forum:
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