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Local Currency Presentation & Discussion
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2014, 05:44:34 PM »
Here is the PowerPoint presentation I gave at the O.N.E. Congress back in March this year. Unfortunately I don't believe enough economic pressure is felt around here to motivate people to take a local currency seriously. I'd love to be proven wrong but the lack of any widespread participation as evidenced by the scarce offers and needs postings for LETS leads me to this conclusion. The LETS system will not be viable without disclosure of the raw materials and services a local economy relies on.

I'm all for a local currency or system of trade like LETS, but until I see a significant change in the local attitude my economic focus will be on alternative crypto-currencies like BitCoin and BitShares which is BitCoin on steroids. Take a look at these videos or the one below for a quick 1 minute explanation of this remarkable technology invented by Daniel Larimer.

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