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Monthly Member Talks / Kat Logan Smith's talk on farm resettlement 9-13-19
« Last post by Suzanne Meeks on October 11, 2019, 12:28:59 PM »
Kat Logan Smith on Feeding the Ozarks in 20 Years – 9-13-19

         The Farm Resettlement Congress aims to rebuild food systems and reestalish integrity with the planet. With the heart we've brought to the table – sharing loving, priorities.
   Our food system is pretty contaminated now, and eating it will make you sick (but that's a separate 4-hour presentation). 
        The only new thing is more clairity on how bad the monopolies are:  Four companies control grain, beef, hogs, poultry, and milk.  The list is different for each group, but they overlap.  Cargill is top of both grain and cattle;  Tyson and JBS are big in cattle, chickens, and hogs – though in the hog market they're topped by the Chinese WH Group, which owns Smithfield.   The dairy market is a little different, with four coops controling a plurality of 40%.
     These organizations set prices for farmers, who are getting less – and consumers, who are paying more. 
   What's in our food and what's not are problems.  The only way to know your food is to know your famrer.  Even “organic” food is approved to be irrigated with untested water, and nutrition may be missing because of soil depletion.
   There is a market for quality, but often the food takes long trips.  Missouri tomatoes have a national reputation, so an Oregon winery paid $9 for a bag of them, freeze-dried; in St. Louis, small bags of dehydreated kale grown near Mt. Verenon are selling for $6.  We need to support our local farmers.
   The FRC has a vision for complete restoration of our regional food system.  Want to organize people in watesheds because it will take big resources, but there ARE big resources. 
   Right now, we can't feed ourseles, because the canneries, mills, etc.  are gone.  Where will we get the money to restore them?  A new organic graineery in Illinois cost $2 million.  There's one outside Eureka Springs – mills create demand for organic grain, then farmers start growing it.  It's hard here becasue of bugs and mold and humidity, but we used to feed ourselves and we can do it again.
   The Community Foundation of the Ozarks wants us to contribute 5% a year – they want to put it into Wall Street and put the proceeds into the Ozarks.  But why Wall Street?  Let's  take the 5%  and put all of it into the Ozarks.  Let's create a local food system that fuels an organic renewal.
   Children are our biggest export – they can't get a job here that supports a family.  Let's rebuild by watershed.  (Galen noted that the Swiss model is direct democracy per valley.)  Then when we have more resources than young people, we'll put out the call for the kids. 
   Let's start where we are with what we have.  Let's create a Watershed Foundation, and will 5% of our estates to it.  That creates an asset pool that can draw in other assets and investers. 
   We need to assess the status quo so we can measure our progress.  The first part of the mission is to feed ourselves.  We have meat, milk, and vegetables; why do we not have fruit?  Let's make that a priority.  Each watershed has to measure what's important to them.  What's the worst-case scenario?  What wouild it take to survive it?  We need off-grid solutions to water, food storage, etc.  Then we have to ask all the other questions (e.g., once we grow the food, how do we distribute it?  What feeds the community?  How can we make it work?)
     Large-scale farming supports banks more than diners; they're growing commodities for Wall Street.  The costs of chemicals has gone waaay up – the soil is critically depleted and farmers have been sold on applying in fall, then winter rains wash it into the gulf – but the price of corn has gone down. 
        Galen noted that large-scale farming at the expense of family farms was the  goal of the “Young Executive Program” in 1954.  We've lost a million farmssince then, hke said, and many of the machines will soon be run through satellites.
   Our generational transfer is $1.5 trillion.  Five percent of a working life is 3 years; so serve the watershed for 3 years.  For 3 year s of service you get a stake.   
        Still, we have many young farmers seeking their niches.  Sometimes they have to bounce aroune for a while before they find it, but a mushroom operation took a family vacation to Florida after 5 years.
       Jay noted that the blueberry farm didn't open this year – the owners are aging and their health is deteriorating.  Blueberries one of the healthiest things you can eat.  Jay offered to put a labor pool together to work it, but they didn't want to due to health issues.  If we had the money to buy it, we could let people farm it.  He said one the first thing we need is a mineral depot, to remineralize the depleted soil.
   It was noted that Ozark County producers are selling honey in New York.  Dried tomatoes and kale are going at least as far as St. Louis.  Sesame will be grown next year, and there's still some sorghum production.  .  Beehives and dehydrators are cheap to build.  Presses are more complicated but have been used for millennia..
   Kat said we need to assess what the markeet needs right now.  If you're going to make money on 5 acres, you'e going to have to grow something that sells by the ounce, not the pound.
   Galen said the Chinese are buying 150 different herbs we're cutting down, and paid $25,000 for walnut hull waste.
   Pawpaws, which are native to the Ozarks, have anti-cancer properties and kill mosquito larvae.  If we could develop this, we could fund everything that needs doing, from feeding ourselves to feeding the world – and without trashing the ecology.
   Kat has constructed a web site, but hasn't launched it yet – keep an eyke out for  --Suzanne Meeks
Meeting Minutes / Minutes 9-13-19
« Last post by Suzanne Meeks on October 11, 2019, 11:54:35 AM »
Minutes 9-13-19

   After the quarterly potlukck, we muddled to order at 6:50 p.m.  (there was no recording).
   Minutes:  Suzanne read the August Minutes (taken by Tracy).  With no additions or correctins, Thom moved to approve; Jay seconded; approved without opposition.
   Treasurer's Report:  No change from August balance, of $807.17.  We had no income or outgo but $70 is earmarked for quarterly hall rental.  This gives us designated funds of $618.18, and available cash to $188.79
With no additions or correctins, Jule moved to approve; Magca seconded; approved without opposition.
   Sorghum (Jon):  Bill and Chuck brush-hogged Ledbetter's – it took two passes and it should be raked.  We also need to weed around the platform – work party?  It was weedwhacked but saplings are grwoing near the old foundation.
        Roy and Chuck and Jon met and agreed they want to finish the building, but didn't set a date.  The chimney needs to be extended – this year, we hope.
       Madga asked if sorghum is going to be grown and cooked there, and if Elaine really wants it finished.
   Jon said no one has talked to Elaine lately. And he's had trobule getting everyone to meet. 
   Bill had a small heart attack and a couple of stents while in the hospital with kidney stones, and no longer wants to play.  It's unclear whether we can keep the mill working without his mechanical expertise.
   However, there's interest outside our group  – Ken Bochert wants to work with us, and the Rural Renaissance group in Mountain Grove wants to  grow sorghum.
     George noted that Elaine has said the the foundation was so expensive that she couuldn't afford the roof after all.  Our agreement with her ends in 2022.  Tbom noted that we've made no progress this year; it's time to get going on it or give it up.
    Magda said it seems meetings have deteriorated until nothing gets done; maybe a printed agenda would help.  Lisa suggested a moderator from outside the group.  Kat offered Amber and Amelia, but after discussion, agreed to do it herself.  This will require records on how much has been spent   on equipment (Jay has some records) and the agreement with Elaine (Jon has a copy).  Kat will also contatct the Rural Renaissance folks and see how they might fit in.
   Chipper:  Lisa used it 2.5 hours and got a whole truckload; she has  more tornado wood that needs to be chipped (but we'lwait for cooler weather).  She didn't get a new battery – just jumps it, then leaves it on while driving to where it needs to be.

     Lisa now has milk – a cow calved and is doing well, so there's some available – it's $5/gallon.  Bring a jar.  The cow is a Jersey/Angus, on grass, no grain.  The milk is raw but not the A2A2. 
   Galen invites contriubtions to his weekly Douglas County Herald column; in fact, he wants eventually to go to India and turn it over to someone else.  He suggests contributions should link human, ecological, and social health, or address the need for an economic reformation that will recover our lost food system and all that could come with it.
        Adjourned 9:06 (after Kat Logan Smith's talk – see Members Monthly Talks for a summary).

                                                                               Respectfully submitted, Suzanne Meeks, Secretary
Telephone Messenger / Oct. 11 Meeting
« Last post by Suzanne Meeks on October 09, 2019, 03:40:15 PM »
     This is Suzanne from Ozarks Neighborly Exchange, reminding you of our next meeting, at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11th.  Pearl wants to give a talk on Beavers – Your Watershed Partners.  She says it can be any length, so be thinking of a number.  Hope to see you there.
Telephone Messenger / Sept. 13 meeting reminder
« Last post by Suzanne Meeks on September 11, 2019, 04:07:18 PM »
     This is Suzanne Meeks from Ozarks Neighborly Exchange, reminding you about our Sept. 13 meeting.  It's a potluck at 6 o'clock, and Kat Logan Smith will give us a talk about the 20-year plan to feed the Ozarks.  Hope to see you there.
Event Calendar / O.N.E. Monthly Meeting - 7pm Sept. 13, 2019 POTLUCK 6PM
« Last post by Tracy Meal on August 11, 2019, 10:18:51 AM »
Our monthly meeting will be held at 7pm at the Theodosia United Methodist Church on Hwy 160 in Theodosia. All are welcome to attend.


Presenter: TBD
Event Calendar / O.N.E. Monthly Meeting - 7pm August 9, 2019
« Last post by Tracy Meal on August 11, 2019, 10:17:03 AM »
Our monthly meeting will be held at 7pm at the Theodosia United Methodist Church on Hwy 160 in Theodosia. All are welcome to attend.

Presenter: Amber Johnnson - Rural Renaissance objectives
Monthly Member Talks / Amber Johnson rural Renaissance Collaboration
« Last post by Tracy Meal on August 11, 2019, 10:00:11 AM »
Update email from Amber Johnson is copied and pasted below. Please read for info regarding the Rural Renaissance objectives.


I’ll aim to be brief. Topics for group deliberation below.

In the spirit of the RR mission...

Old News:
1. We have now enrolled New Haven, the O.N.E. Group and as previously mentioned, representative from the Sierra club,in the use of the Ozark village community calendar so as to help synch annual calendars.
2. Game plans needed soon for RR booth at O.A.C.C. : **Printed literature,( takes time)  sign up sheets, Map, tables, volunteers, Set-up & breakdown, etc.
3. Would the 1st Tuesday of the month work for "in person" RR mtgs for the fall season?

New news:
1. Request & call for vendors for all here to “Save the Date” for the Mountain Grove Maple Fest October 26, 9am 4pm for a Rural Ren “mini flash mob Ozark nation pop-up festival” / Collaborative booth and (or row of booths.)
Invite more to come out and play in the sand box too!

2. Sharing and moving forward the Conversation for a Co-Operative  "Ozark nation” full page add!
Amelia is getting us cost and deadlines. Short Term goal( Now):  Add before and to promote O.A.C.C. to “Ozark nation network” and beyond.
Long Term & consistent quarterly updates in Ozark Agrarian Newsletter & an Annual Full Page add for 2020 complete with “meme’s of our ethos, Logos & calls to action. As well as our largest current annual events, location and contact info of all who choose to participate. I am making wild assumptions that all on this list are in or at least interested.
So, the page is already pretty full with:
The OZARK Agrarian New and Their Slacker solstice event
O.N.E Group and the ONE Congress
Scum Suckers
Missouri Herbs
Rural Ren and events/ work parties
Meadow Brook
Little Farm Store

3. As mentioned in the O.A.C.C. Resolutions… it is suggested that we develop a consistent and reproducible way to communicate with ourselves as well as out to the greater Ozarks public about our Ecologically responsible products and services as well as updates and on Ozark Nation Goals. Most gratefully, we already have the Ozark Agrarian News! From there we can weave An "Ozark Communications Web” if you will.( The above “Co-op add" would be the “launch”.)

 What is possible to us and what that can look like is An Annual Ozark Nation collaborative marketing, advertising and promotion campaign, with material designed to be used in multiple media mediums.

Distribution and details includes:
*1 full page add in Ozark agrarian news at least quarterly with updates on the Goals of each sphere of ourselves at level of civilization.
*Post on Ozark Village Community calendar. ( edits needed to maximally utilize the allotted calendar categories)
*Full Page submitted into at least 1( For now) Ozark yearly publication.
*Each brick and mortar location can “sponsor" 5,10,15 color copies in your location.
*List of business names sent to at least 2 local radio stations for their P.ublic S.ervices A.nnouncements on the “ Business that support local”. (Major events separate listing)
*”Co-Op Ad" printed into posters & posted in local businesses we have (our will create) relationships with. ( Goal: 2 new "biz friends a year" per business or organization, I digress)
*Email with attachment to RR data base.
* Of course we have learned and integrated Facebook events Posts.
* Automated phone Services
*Perhaps Dez can send it out on her newsletter!?

 I have written a Standard procedure for all of this and other essential tasks and function in the Rural Renaissance SOP’s.

If you would like to get more info about the details including cost( Which should be considerably inexpensive) Please responded to this email.

Possible Future Topic:
   *Collaboration with Sierra club, Mo Dept of Natural Resources & "Ozark Nation” participants for creation of Bryant Creek Trail system beginning in 2020 and how to support the Global acknowledgment & protection of Ozark forest as Carbon sequestering zone.
   * As mentioned in O.A.C.C. resolutions the compiling and creation of "Ozark Green Pages” (Form already made and called Ozark Agrarian Directory. as named by Amelia) Form sent out via Ozark Communications web and events.

Simplifying from the many into O.N.E.!!   Enough out of me.  Go Team!   


-You creating me, creating you, creating me.
Meeting Minutes / Monthly Meeting Minutes from 8-9-19
« Last post by Tracy Meal on August 11, 2019, 09:57:40 AM »
Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm on 8-9-19

Board Members Present:
Jule Kruger

Also Present:
No recorder available tonight

Meeting minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved without correction after a motion by Jon Kruger, second by Jule Kruger, none opposed.

Treasurer’s Report:  See attachment, read and approved without correction after a motion by Jule Kruger, second by Pearl Schneider , none opposed.

Old Business –

The Sorghum meeting was cancelled due to a family health emergency and needs to be rescheduled to discuss future plans to complete the Sorghum cook shed at the Ledbetter Store. Per Jon, Bill Barnes will brushhog at the Ledbetter Store when he is available to do so. Jon stated that someone unknown had already covered the cooking area with plastic at the site when he arrived to take care of it.

New Business -

Planning for the ONE Congress next spring needs to start soon. Per Jon and Jule , Jeffery Goss will be contacting the school about their schedule. The preferred dates are the last Saturday in March or the 1st Saturday in April of 2020.

Announcements -

Next meeting is on Sept 13, 2019 and it will be a potluck at 6pm

Presenter -

Amber Johnson – Rural Renaissance collaboration with O.N.E. Group

See attached info and additional post on this forum, Rural Renaissance wants to collaborate with local like minded groups and create a cooperative calendar of events and meetings. The idea is to use existing local resources to meet goals from the OACC resolutions using advertising and networking. Watch Ozarks Agrarian News, published by Amelia LaMair for more information.

Motion to adjourn meeting  -

at 8:54 pm - A motion was made by Jule Kruger, second by Tracy Meal, none opposed.

Meeting Minutes Recorded by Tracy Meal, 8-9-19
Meeting Minutes / Minutes of the 7-13-19 meeting
« Last post by Suzanne Meeks on August 08, 2019, 11:21:37 AM »
Minutes of the July 13, 2019 Meeting

   George called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and read the Mission Statement.
   Minutes were missing; Suzanne was absent in June, and only about half the meeting was recorded on Thom's Mp3 player.  However, it was agreed that the group did vote to change the meeting date to the second Friday of the month.
   Treasurer's Report:  Balance is $784.85.  Income $8 (donation); expense $76.86 (brochures, hall rental); balance $716.17.  Jon moved to approve; Jule seconded; approved without opposition.
   Sorghum:  Jon said we need to mow at Ledbetter's (Johnson grass, volunteer sorghum).  The trusses need to be covered with a tarp.  Jon moved that we buy a suitable tarp for up to $50 from the Sorghum and Songfest fund.  Pearl seconded; approved without opposition.
   Jon hasn't talked to Elaine since last winter; at that time, we told her we could hire someone to finish the building.  Dusty was willing to do it, but he's working full-time and may not be available now.  The contract with Elaine goes through April, 2022; we need to ask her how she feels about the building progress.
     Tom K said the consortium should meet and take a hard look at the work that needs to be done, and decide if we really want to, or can, continue.  For instance, the stack is warped has to be completely rebuilt before any other building is done; and the pan has flaws.  Without the rest of the project in place, a building won't do us any good.  He said we should have a meeting at Ledbetter's to see the many challenging issues.
   Jay noted that consortium members Bill, Chuck, and Roy don't want to do sorghum anymore; he said we should give up and put the pan up for sale.
   George stopped the discussion, saying we can't decide this now; everyone interested should get together and decide.  Jon said they would, before the next meeting.
   Chipper:  Lisa gave George $40 in chipper-use donations, but asked for $10 back for fuel.  The grease zirks were painted over, so she replaced them, but couldn't get grease into some of the new ones.  We have new blades, but haven't installed them yet.  Lisa hasn't replaced the battery, but still intends to.
   Work party:  Jule said their wall-building work parties were successful; there was plenty of help.  They got about 300 logs in (of about 1200).  They're doing 40 at a time by themselves, working about 6 hours every other day.  There were no new work-party requests.
   Magda noted that Patrick needs prayer.  He was hospitalized in April with kidney trouble – while there, he had  pneumonia – and he's now on dialysis.
   Alex Edwards is trying to build a camp on his property outside Gainesville.  He said there will be a homesteading expo Sept. 6-7 in Neosho. 
      The Methodist church will have a rummage sale Aug. 2-3 right here in the Fellowship Hall.  The men of the church will sell tools and outdoor items in the yard.  Hours are 8-2 Friday, 8-noon Saturday.
   Program:  Jeffrey gave a talk on the history of sorghum cultivation in Ozark and surrounding counties.
   Thom moved to adjourn; Pearl seconded.  Adjourned 9:06.
                                                                                               Suzanne Meeks, Secretary

Telephone Messenger / Re: Aug. 9 Meeting - Amber's talk
« Last post by Suzanne Meeks on August 08, 2019, 11:19:32 AM »
      This is Suzanne from Ozarks Neighborly Exchange, reminding you of our meeting tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 9, at the Methodist church.  Amber Johnson will give a talk on community-building, so I hope attendance will be good.   Unfortuantely, I will be out of town, and so will Thom and his Mp3 player, so I hope someone can take notes for some semblance of Minutes.  I'm posting the July Minutes on the bulletin board by the door, and, of course, they're online.  Please go and hear what Amber has to say.  ONE has not focused on Community-building specifically, but it is part of what we've wanted to do. 
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