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Meeting Minutes / No meeting on 5-3-2019
« on: May 03, 2019, 09:48:56 PM »
The weather probably kept people from attending tonight. Only myself George Craig and Pearl Schneider attended. After 20 minutes we left for home.

General Discussion / Re: Thom's Presentation at 4-5-2019 meeting
« on: April 09, 2019, 04:59:50 PM »
Somebody was asking about the meditation audio I mentioned, and for me to post it. You can find it on Youtube here:

General Discussion / Thom's Presentation at 4-5-2019 meeting
« on: April 06, 2019, 10:28:40 AM »
For those of you who  missed the April O.N.E. meeting you can catch the audio of the presentation here:;topic=3.0;attach=408

The slides are attached to this message (you need to be logged into the forum to see these attachments).

Here are the audio minutes for the O.N.E. meeting on April 5th.

The recorder wasn't started until just before the break, but everything after was.

Part 2 also has the recording of my presentation.

Event Calendar / Rescheduled Work Party at Ini's (finally :)
« on: March 15, 2019, 09:22:34 AM »
What to Bring:
Personal protection equipment - safety goggles, ear protection, sturdy gloves (there are some briars, brambles and thorns)
Cutting equipment - loppers, small chainsaws (may not be needed, but just Un case brush need trimming to move)
Ropes and straps - for carrying or dragging logs and hauling brush piles
Appropriate clothing - there will be no indoor space to warm up so dress accordingly.
Bowls, plates and cutlery - things to eat with

We will have a large pot of soup but cannot offer cutlery and bowls.

Directions From Gainesville :
East on 160
North (Left) on 181
East (Right) on AA
Continue 4.2 miles on AA, past Zion Assembly church (on left), cross one low water bridge then a high water bridge. You will see a field on your right and then 3 mailboxes on your left.
Take first left before mailboxes and an immediately left to continue up our drive. Look for flagging tape.
If you cross a THIRD bridge you've gone too far.
From North of Gainesville:
Head South on 181
East (Left) on FF ( this will be the SECOND FF turn off, first will be a right)
Continue on FF about 5 miles. cross 2 low water bridges. You'll see a house on right and open field on the left.
Turn right after 3 mailboxes, and an an immediately left to continue up our drive. Look for flagging tape.
If you cross a THIRD bridge you've gone too far.

Find the audio minutes for the O.N.E. meeting on February 8th below in attachments.

Here are the audio minutes for the O.N.E. meeting on January 4th.

Here are the audio minutes for the O.N.E. meeting on December 7th.

Attendance was small, but we nominated the new board members.

Event Calendar / Additional Work Party for Hoppes
« on: November 29, 2018, 08:10:39 PM »
At the last meeting we discussed another day to help the Hoppes with more firewood. If you can lend a hand that would be great.
Here's a link Chuck did for the last one.

Note: you're looking for a camouflaged gate entrance, not very wide and very bumpy at the entrance. Ignore the warnings, they know we're coming.

Event Calendar / Work Party for Thom
« on: November 29, 2018, 08:05:18 PM »

Work Project Requests / Work Party for Thom -- Monday, Dec 3rd, 2018
« on: November 29, 2018, 08:02:03 PM »
I need some help cutting down and splitting firewood on Monday December 3rd. I've already talked to several individuals who will come to help. Tom Kennedy will bring his splitter and saws, and Roy and John on said they would help too.

Primarily need workers, chain saws and a couple of trucks. Location is my place.

We'll get started around 9AM.
1) Turn onto road HH off from hwy 160  just west of Isabella post office.
2) Turn left onto CR-620, also marked on right side of HH as lake road HH-8. This road is on left of a sharp right hand curve of HH.
     If you get to Shockey's Boats & Motors on the next curve to the left you've gone too far. In that case come back and turn right onto CR-620.
3) Look for black mailbox on right, marked "32 Birch Lane". Turn into my driveway there.

See you at the Hoppes on Saturday, Dec 1st, or at the December meeting.


Here are the audio minutes for the O.N.E. meeting on November 9th.
There wasn't a quorum present, nor a speaker. We decided to leave at 7PM if nobody else showed up, our thinking was the meeting time wasn't updated to say 6PM due to time change, although it was stated at October meeting that winter hours would start in November for next  meeting.

We passed the mic as usual, so here is the recording. Enjoy!

Well I tried to get there, but unfortunately the directions had too few clues for me to find the place, despite wandering around for half hour looking. It's very raw out there, with multiple curves and turns and too few things to cite as landmarks.

This is offered for future activities to the Hoppes property, that others will be prepared with enough info to find it.

I have been down into Arkansas on hwy P more than three times, to "Ron and Patties Place". There is a sign post pointing to their place at an intersection at the bottom of one hill, quite a ways past the AR/MO border. I went to the top of that hill and the first place on the left was "600 Nature Way", with an open camouflaged, green gate and a very rough road beyond the gate. I didn't go in too far before deciding it wasn't the Hoppes place (if it was I had no way to know, and the road was very rough).

There was another right hand turn at the bottom of a hill closer than the above. The first left side driveway at the top of that hill opened into a very large field. Towards the left quite a ways away from the road was a barn and a house which has been under construction for quite awhie, based on the wood weathering I saw. Way across the field, which is to the right from entrance, is another set of buildings, but I didn't go there b/c it seemed too newish to be Hoppes place.

Here are the audio minutes for the O.N.E. meeting on October 11th.

Meeting Minutes / Re: Post -only- O.N.E. Meeting Minutes INSIDE this topic
« on: September 19, 2018, 02:01:11 PM »
Here are the audio minutes for the O.N.E. meeting on September 7th.

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